Relationship Agreement Abn Amro Nlfi

. Fair Banking Guide. The consumer information website on the level of sustainability of Dutch banks NLFI exchanges 59.7 million shares of ABN AMRO for share bonds NLFI has made this transfer in order to avoid the ABN AMRO Trust Office having to request new declarations without objections and other similar administrative authorisations if NLFI wishes to reduce its stake in ABN AMRO in the future. The ABN AMRO Trust Office had not received a statement of opposition or other similar administrative authorizations to issue shares in exchange for common shares, provided that a majority was exchanged in 2017. This condition is now met. The transferred common shares represent approximately 6.4% of ABN AMRO`s share capital and have no impact on the total number of shares issued by ABN AMRO. Private banking activities are concentrated in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia. .