Barrick Bank Enabling Agreement

Jesús María

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Llefià I would like my students to discover on the spot examples of complex legal issues that are the basis for complex nature protection initiatives such as the BEA,” Birdsong said. Not only does the BEA promise scientific nature protection, but it also presents a strategy for the parties to the agreement to manage legal risks. No one can look at the legal and regulatory framework for mining and species protection and know exactly where the powers are or will be in the future. The BEA is a creative way for all parties – Barrick and the federal government – to create some predictability through ambiguity,” Birdsong added. The agreement between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management and Barrick create a conservation bank that allows the mining company to raise credits for successful reduction projects that protect and improve the habitat of sage chickens on the company`s private ranches in Nevada. As a result, Barrick is confident that the credits can be used to offset the habitat impact of the company`s future mine extension on public land.