Taliban Violate Peace Agreement



buy Pregabalin online usa Having led all U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2013, I have my own perspective on this agreement based on practical and lived experience. As I have said publicly, the Taliban are not trustworthy; their teaching is incompatible with modernity and women`s rights; and, in practice, they are not in a position to invoke the internal controls and organizational discipline necessary to implement a distant agreement like this. Not only does the Taliban not respect the so-called peace agreement in Afghanistan, but it will not bring peace. Meanwhile, the peace process between the Afghan government and the Taliban has remained mired in procedural disputes, as has been the case since talks began on 12 September. The parties still have to engage in the critical issues at stake: how to end 19 years of civil war in the country and bring together two totally different visions of a future government into one. KABUL, Afghanistan – Three U.S. military officials say missiles fired in recent weeks at a U.S. military base and a joint Afghan airfield in southern Afghanistan were fired by the Taliban, tantamount to a clear violation of the peace agreement between the United States and the insurgent group. “The general silence of the military or the lack of commentary on what appears to be a persistent dynamic of the conflict is a reflection of a larger trend among Americans, willing to ignore ambiguities about the continuation of the February agreement, so as not to jeopardize an agreement that already seems very fragile.” “USFOR-A has maintained and maintains the military conditions of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban; any assertion is unfounded,” Leggett said in a tweet. “USFOR-A was clear – we will defend our Afghan security forces if they are attacked in accordance with the agreement.” “We always want to act responsibly and find a way to end the war through negotiation, but with increasing violence, public pressure is mounting and people are starting to wonder why we are around the table,” said nader Nadery, an Afghan government administrator. “We must strike a balance between the sense of urgency and the temptation to plunge into a peace that cannot last.” The Taliban offensive in Helmand threatens the United States, Afghan peace efforts The Afghan government on Monday accused the Taliban of “blatant violation” of the terms of its peace agreement with the United States in February. It is totally absurd to think that the Afghan government and the Taliban will find an outcome for Afghan women that is in line with our values.

purchase Clomiphene pct The fact that the United States reached this agreement without a clear statement of our expectations for women`s rights is one of our principles and that is precisely why we have fought so long and hard. Simply abandoning the plight of Afghan women to intra-Afghan dialogue is a massive abandonment of the American and international responsibility to support universal human rights. Let us be clear: the Taliban will never give Afghan women the respect and place they deserve in future Afghan society. The fact that the U.S. government thinks otherwise is either the culmination of naivety, or the deliberate abandonment of these women, or both. In such an environment, the whole premise of internal peace talks is questioned and potentially useless. We have already seen this in Afghanistan and elsewhere: between obligations to limit or cease violence and the final implementation of agreements, violence can increase, as either party attempts to change the facts on the ground to gain a relative advantage over formal compliance. No one should be surprised that the Taliban are attacking Afghan government forces. The agreement between the United States and the Taliban did not encourage them not to do so, so of course we are already bombing the Taliban in Helmand province.