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Communication equipment and services and software for schools and libraries. You apply for a SOW signed by NYSTEC and you acquire internal accreditation from your agency, as well as all the steps necessary for internal procurement (NYSTEC will help you if possible). For more information on the use of government contracts and/or the requirement of the OGS Contract Index – a comprehensive alphabetical list of all available government contracts – please contact: using public contracts, you can save up to 40% on average purchase prices. Better yet, since state contracts meet the requirements of general communal law, they are always available for any type of purchase. Are you interested in a PBITS contract? We`re here for you. . Contact NYSTEC to clarify the scope and desired results of the project. NYSTEC develops a free working statement (SOW) with a technical and cost proposal. . PDF browse description, group codes and class codes . . . These guidelines provide guidance on the use of contracts, which should be useful for both program staff and procurement staff.

If you purchase microcomputers, a brand new system, software, consulting services, training, telecommunications services, maintenance or any combination of products and services, these policies will provide useful information. . In another audit, we found that 10 local governments spent a total of about $1.6 million on vehicle and facility fuel and saved about $97,500, or nearly 6%, using government contracts. Another 74 local governments paid the price of state contracts for at least one type of fuel and could have saved an additional $103,000 if they had used government contracts. The URL guides you to the OGS contract website. You will find contract documents, conditions, current price lists, contract prices and information from authorized dealers. AUTHORIZED USER ATTACHMENT FOR LOT 1 ORDERS Lot 1 Authorized User Contract Attachment Term: May 27, 2016 – November 29, 2020 You can place orders directly from listed contractors for items or services with your own locality or school order. And you can use most government contracts once they are awarded. You can view or register OGS contracts on your website at ogs.ny.gov/ to receive email notifications about contracts under ogs.ny.gov/procurement/bid-opportunities. All authorized users submitted to the Statewide Financial System (SFS) edition must contact the OGS contract administrator for an individual contract ID number.