Trustarc Master Services Agreement

Data protection frameworks in different regions may differ in the terminology they use to describe the roles and obligations of the parties involved. For reasons of consistency, Zendesk uses the following terms in these guides to apply it globally. In order to avoid doubts, these definitions do not replace the definitions contained in the agreements that customers or individuals may have with Zendesk. From a data protection perspective, the customer is the service data controller, and Zendesk is a processor. This means that the customer retains ownership of the service data and control of their account throughout the period during which a customer subscribes to Zendesk`s services. (e) business commitments. Company and its end-users: (i) meet the company`s requirements for the services specified in TRUSTe`s documentation to the company; (ii) be solely responsible for the hardware, software and network connectivity required by the company to connect to services and use services; (iii) shall not use services related to or to promote activities that violate existing legislation or infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. , (iv) may not resell services unless the company is a party to a written agreement with TRUSTe expressly authorizing such activity (v) does not authorize or encourage third parties to produce fraudulent impressions of fraudulent icons or clicks, including by manually clicking several times, using robots or other automated tools or any other method that may lead to an artificially high number of clicks; and (vi) not to change or change the information contained in a service. The MRI tool consists of a customizable form for users` needs and models that analyze demand and provide the next steps. Companies seeking additional advice can add consulting services.

TruSTe Technology`s terms of use apply only if an application, agreement or order between TRUSTe and the Company explicitly specifies how these conditions are defined in this provision. Unless otherwise stated in a written agreement between you and TRUSTe, you can link your website to the home page of our website. [provided that you comply with the following link policy: (i) any link to the TRUSTe site should only be a text link and clearly marked “WEB TRUSTe site”, (ii) the appearance, position and other aspects of the link should not be likely to damage or dilute the commercial or commercial value related to the truST name, brand and certification mark. , (iii) the link should refer to the URL “ and not to other pages of our website” , iv) the appearance, The position and other attributes of the link should not create the erroneous appearance that your organization or entity is sponsored by TRUSTe, connected to TRUSTe or linked to truSTe, (v) if it is selected by a user, the link should display the TRUSTe site in full-screen mode and not in a “frame” on the linked website , and (vi) TRUS , to revoke consent to the link at any time and at its sole discretion. Demonstrate their compliance with the RGPD with respect to Zendesk`s services.