Judgement On Unregistered Agreement To Sell


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http://leveltwodesign.co.uk/wp-content/cache/minify/63b1f.js Another principle may be added to the above principles, namely that a document to be registered, if not registered, may be admitted as proof of a contract in a legal action for a given benefit. The Apex court questioned whether an agreement to sell unreg registered security could be considered under the condition of Section 49 of the Registration Act of 1908. The bank considered the appeal of the Madhya Pradesh High Court order, which had quashed the Tribunal`s order, referring to Avinash Kumar Chauhan v. Vijay Krishna Mishra. … Respondent`s property – Application for registered sales certificate of 16.3.20126. On the contrary, the petitioner`s claim – defendant No. 1 is based on the sale agreement of 24.1.201…the unregant agreement for sale is already pending against Smt. Vidya Devi Tiwari, but there is nothing… Bharat Bhushan Parsoon, J.:- The sale agreement of 24.01.2011 [Annex P/3], filed at CM 567-CII 2015, is recorded in the minutes. Application support eliminated. The most important……. Bijender Mann aka Vijender Mann decided on 11.9.2013, stating: -” a) a lawsuit for a given performance, on the basis of an unregant contract/contract at …

Bastos The second appeal of the defendant, which challenges the judgments and judgments of the following courts, under which the appeal of the applicant and defendant No. 1 for concrete execution of the sale agreement in question… a contract to the extent that, even if it is not registered, it can form the basis of legal action for a given benefit and be invoked as proof of the contractual or partial performance of a contract… 8. The Supreme Court of Hon`ble has ruled that if an unregant document is presented as evidence, it is not evidence of a sale, but proof of a sale agreement that can be obtained as evidence that it will only be received as evidence of a verbal sale agreement pursuant to Section 49 of the 1908 Act. The Aund`ble Apex Court added that the admission of an unregistered sale, which the Court issued in such cases, was consistent with the reserve condition set out in Section 49 of the 1908 Act.