In The Absence Of An Agreement Among The Partners Interest On Capital Is Dev, Swati and Sanskar were partners in a company that shared profits in a 2:2:1 report. As of 31.3.2014, their balance sheet was as follows: Calculating interest on capital interest on Jay`s capital – 80,000-9/100-7200 Interest rate on Vijay`s capital – 50 9 100 – 4,500 equivalent interest rates – 7200-4500 – Rs 11,700 (b) Under the Partnership Act 1932, In the absence of a state of partnership, the company`s profits are divided equally between the partners. In the absence of information on the payment of interest to the partners` parents and the interest rate, interest must be paid up to 6% per year. After their MBA, Satnam and Qureshi decided to create a partnership company to manufacture ISI-marked electronic products for economically weaker sectors of society. Satnam also expressed his willingness to admit Juliee as a non-capital partner, who is particularly capable, but who is a very creative and intelligent friend of him. Qureshi agreed. They entered into a partnership on April 1, 2012 under the following conditions: Calculating proportional interest on capitalJay: (7200/11700) -7800 – Rs 4800Vijay: (4500/11700) – 7800 – Rs 3000 June 30, 2014, Dev has died. Under the partnership agreement, Dev was entitled to obtain interest on the capital at 12% per annum. Its share of profits up to his death should be calculated on the basis of the average profit of the last four years. The benefit of the last four years has been: (i) La Satnam will bring 4.00,000 ru.

can i order antabuse online and Qureshi 2.00,000 R. as a contribution to the capital. (ii) Satnam, Qureshi and Juliee share the benefits in the 2:2:1 report. iii) Capital interest is in the mouth of their share 6% per year. Due to the lack of capital, Satnam contributed on 30 September 2012 to 50,000 aff. and Qureshi 20,000 as additional capitals on 1 January 2013. The company`s profit for the year ended March 31, 2013 was Rs 3.37,800. (a) Identify two values that the company wishes to pass on to the company. (b) the establishment of the profit and loss usage account for the year ending March 31, 2013. “, “DateCreated”: “2016-11-10 12:31:17,” “upvoteCount”: 4318, “url”: “,” “Author”: “@type”: “No one,” “Name”: “Anonymous” – In the absence of an act of partnership, Profits of a company are distributed among partners:a) In proportion to capital (b) Equal (c) Proportion of time-time for the business (d) Depending on the management skills of partners Naveen, Seerat and Hina, the partners were partners in a company that manufactured hedges. They divided the gains in the ratio 5:3:2. Their capitals on April 1, 2012 were respectively 2.00,000: Rs 3,00,000 and Rs 6.00,000 and 6.00,000.