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Hello, my name is ROBBI of Cirebon West Java Indonesia, I would alicia Radu mother for help helped me get good credit after getting a lot of loans from online sales scammers who make me money without credit to me, who needs a loan for 3 years at my own store in the city of Cirebon, where I live and I fell into the hands of a counterfeit company in Turkey that had deceived me and had not offered me. And I am very frustrated because I lost all my money because of a fake business in Turkey, because I had my bank and my friends, and that I had no one to walk, until one day faithful, a friend of mine calls Siti Aminah, after reading her testimony about how she got a credit from Alicia Radus` mother, I had to contact Siti Aminah, and she told me, and she convinced me to contact Alicia Radu`s mother, that she was a good mother and that I had to fill her courage. Radu and I were surprised that my loan was processed and approved and that my loan was transferred to my account within 3 hours, and I was very surprised that it was a miracle, and I had to give information about the good work of Mrs. Alicia Raduso, which I advised anyone who needed a loan to contact the woman. Alicia Radus e-mail: ( and I assured you that you would give information as I did, and you can also contact me for more information about Mrs Alicia Radu my email: ( and you can always contact Siti Aminah who introduced me to Alicia Radus mother by email: ( God continue to bless and love the mother of Alicia Radus to change my financial life All I am Rika Nadia , currently indonesian and I am a citizen, I live in JL. New ii Gg. Keb era. Old North RT.004 RW.002 No. 26. I would like to use this medium to give concrete advice to all Indonesian citizens who are looking for credit online to be careful because the internet is full of fraud, sometimes I desperately need credit because my finances are bad. His status was not so good and I was asked to get a loan, so I fell into the hands of fake lenders, Nigeria, Singapore and Ghana.

I almost died, so a friend of mine, EWITA YUDA, told me about a very trustworthy lender called Puan ESTHER PATRICK Access Loan Management Branch, he was a global lender; that I contacted and that he lent me a loan of Rp600,000,000 in less than 12 hours at an interest rate of 2%, which changed the life of my whole family. I got my credit in my bank account after the mother. Lady ESTHER had lent me a loan when I checked my bank account and discovered that the amount I had received had been credited to my bank account. and I brought evidence with me because I`m still surprised at his email (ESTHERPATRICK83@GMAIL.COM)So for the good work OF LADY ESTHER has done in my life and my family, I decided to tell and share my testimony on LADY ESTHER, so that people in my country and my city can easily get credit without pressure. So if you need a loan, contact LADY ESTHER by email: ( please contact LADY ESTHER you don`t know I`m doing it, but I`m very happy now and I`ve made the decision to tell the public about it, it offers all kinds of credits to individuals and businesses and I would also like God to bless them more, you can contact me by email: (